Summer is the Best

The seasons keep changing throughout the year and come back every year. When summer rolls around it is my favourite time of the year, and there are so many reasons why summer is better the fall, spring, winter, and that’s what I am here to tell you about.

For me Summer is the best season because it has nice warm weather, and every time you go outside you don’t have to put a jacket or ski pants on every time which normally takes like five minutes. A lot of sports start in summer like baseball, basketball, soccer, and football. Even though Hockey is my favourite sport and it takes place in the winter. But in the summer you could play road Hockey, or you could just join a spring hockey team.

My favourite part about summer is that there is no school and summer is the best time to play and relax, and most of you probably agree with me.

My second favorite part about Summer is that you get to spend more times with your friends and family like going on family trips or having sleepovers with friends instead of sitting next to your friend in class doing work.

You want to know some other reasons why I like summer better then the other seasons. It is because winter is just freezing cold, and since we live in Canada, winter lasts forever, like 5 months of the year gone.

Don’t even get me started on spring. You can’t go anywhere without getting soaking wet, and half the time we still have snow.

Then there’s fall. It just summer, but with a downgrade. Its gets quite a bit colder. It just hurts my eyes to see the trees with no leaves. And it’s also the time where everything starts to die. But my least favourite part is that school starts.

Even most Americans agree with me that summer is the best season, According to, they did a poll in 2020 and 29% said summer was the best season, 27% said fall, 25% said spring, and 19% said winter. In their last poll in 2013, summer and spring were tied at 33%. I know some of you are going to say 29% isn’t that far off from 27% but that’s because they’re closer to the equator so their summer is hotter and longer than ours.

Summer is the best season and there’s no changing my mind as everything is bright, lovely, and coluorful which makes it a sight for a sore eye. Summer also allows us kids to take a break from school and just relax, play, and not worry about homework. Summer is also warm, sunny, and delightful.

Tips for Wheeling Dirt Bike

hello welcome back to my blog today I will be telling you how to bring the front wheelie up in the air in more then on way, and telling u tips and tricks on how to hold it.

Getting the wheel up can be hard if you have a low power bike like an 80, lot people just push down on the front and when they pull up and they barely get your wheel up a good way to fix that is pull in the clutch give a little throttle to bring up the rpm when your bike is almost at a stop push down a pull up, and when you pull up let go of the clutch but make sure u are giving throttle when you pull up. You can also to it from a stand with out the pull up but you have to have your feet on the ground make sure you are sitting farther back on your seat. Anther way (but this on your standing up) is to push down on the pegs instead of the handle bars and when you pull up and give throttle you also use the pop clutch method.


The key to holding wheelies is the back brake because when you are to far back and your bike is about to flip a little tap of  back brake and you will fall back down. A good way to get used to using the back brake is to just cruise and press it all the time also you could do a wheelie but hit the back brake no matter how high u got the front tire.

Anther tip use the throttle to control how high your bike goes and use your shoulders to balance the bike from tipping sideways. If you have the problem you could turn your front wheelie the opposite way you are falling or you could drive faster but don’t drive to fast that wouldn’t end  well.

That’s the end of my blog hope you enjoyed


Lundar game

Hello welcome back to our blog today I will be talking about are game against Lundar

the game was in Arborg we had home ice advantage. I was going pretty good until on of there player shot a grounder from the blue line and it slipped under my pad and Lundar had a 1-0 lead there was a scramble in front of the Lundar and Dlyar scored. Couple minutes later Hunter decks through there entire team and scored. Ryder also score just after same with Lundar making us have 3-2 lead.

The second period I didn’t have much action until like four people ran into each other and after they got up the the one player started throwing punches at one of are players the both ended up getting kicked out and are play also gave us a 4 minute penalty we killed that and Ryder score again ending the period with a 4-2 lead.


The third period I had quite a bit of action they had like three break always and they scored on two of them but Brycen also scored same with anther on of our players then Jayden try’s to block a shot but he tips it into our own net. The ended 6-5 win.

That’s the end of my blog hope u enjoy.

5 tips to make you a better goalie

welcome back to my blog today I will be talking about 5 tips that make you a better hockey goalie.

1# Always leads with blocker and glove because it helps you stay i position and it easier to make a save when your blocker and glove are right there in position, and have your blocker and glove a little out from your body.

2# Instead of doing one toe push to slide do two because if your skate ever slips your mind is already prepared.

3#  Post positioning have your one leg and shoulder tight to the post have glove or blocker covering the hole between leg a body depending on what side your on.

Like this

4#  Keep stick on the ice at all times even in butterfly it will help u stay in position and it really helps stopping five hole goals


5# Also lead with your head when a puck goes from one corner to anther lead with hand and head right after and then the rest of the body.

That’s the end of my blog hope you enjoy.

Navel Aviator

“Hello, my names is Charlie or cowboy my callsign and I fly jets for the navy, and I been just promoted to a Top Gun for a mission”. “If you’re wondering what top gun it’s a school where the top seven pilots are tested, and at the end the best of the best are picked to fly a mission”.

The Six of us were sitting there waiting for commander to tell us what to do when we hear footsteps from behind, we all turn our heads. There was a man dressed like any pilot in jeans, leather jacket, and aviators.

Then commander says “This person will be teaching you for the next to weeks. He walks up to the front of the class the screen at the front suddenly turned on and it was a map. After a few seconds of silence commander say,” there will be an airstrike on one of ship it’s a five-plane air strike, and we will be sending 5 of you to stop the air strike”.

One speaks up and says,” today we will be doing simple dawg fighting and by the way call signs Roaster”. Then the three start to walk out of the room when the smaller on say,” what are you waiting for”. It made everyone jump up. We each ended up having a one on one with roaster. Everyone who went before me was out in a mater of seconds. My turn finally came, and I was up against roaster he says, “as soon as we hear the missile alarm your out got”. “Got it I say right back”. Then he says,” go”. I instantly go into a dive, and he follows when I straighten out, I pulled up a hit the brakes at the same time then he fly’s right under me and now on he pulls up and hits the brakes and I fly right by him but he instantly locked the missile thing on me.

After landing I climb out of the cockpit unstrap my oxygen mask and take off my helmet and go e met up with the other six people the only thing, we were talking about is that why didn’t Roaster fly the mission. We did that dawg fighting for the first week but all we could do was survive a bit longer. The next week we started doing two on ones with Roaster, and he was telling us maneuver like sandwich, barrel roll attack, split s, and a whole bunch other thing.

In the two I was pared with thunderbolt which isn’t the best thing we both hate each. We both suited up and after the shooters signal and were off. We were both flying side by side look on the radar for Roaster to show after a couple a quite seconds he finally show up on the radar coming at us at tremendous speed we both split as soon as we split Roaster is on  my tail I started the back and forth maneuver and I Yelled at thunderbolt,” help me here he’s on my tail” with no response from thunderbolt I do a barrel roll and go into a drive pull up and look up and see thunderbolt being chased by roaster. I start the climb 5g 6g 7g 8s try so hard not to pass out finally reach the attitude to where they are and straight out to catch roaster on the tail and then lock the missile alarm. I slam my hands right be side me and I yell,” yes”.

We all meet, and I asked,” did you guys beat Roaster in the Two on Ones”. Werewolf say,” me and fang beat him but not hurricane and Bashee didn’t”. “The picks are tomorrow”, I say. “Really nervous says Fang. “I’m not I am easy making it”, says thunderbolt. “Shut up says hurricane. We all walk back to the class when we see commander and he says “Only four of you will be going on the mission because Roaster is going for one of you.

We are standing by our seats waiting for roaster to pick the four of us he finally speaks up and says” I chose werewolf” I look towards werewolf, and he put a first in the air. “I also pick fang, thunderbolt, cowboy, and hurricane for back up.

As we are shot up in the air we are flying in attack formation roaster leads no one said anything the other planes finally show up on a radar there are five when we can finally see the plane s there were seven planes two planes were under the other ones we all split up and all I can hear is shouting from everyone one of them are on my tail I start swiving back and forth I straight out he is just about to lock missiles I pull up and hit the brakes as he shoots so he shoots at nothing I now lock my missile ‘that’s one down” I say but I don’t think they heard they were to  busy yelling. I was so far out from the others I turn around picked up speed and switch to guns and intercept one and get anther one down. I see fire to my left and roaster hit some one then to my right Thunderbolt got one, then I see anther one on my tail I say a four-letter word in my head, but I do the same move pull up and hit the brakes lock missile anther down when I hear my alarm go off I set of my flares to stop the missile and roaster finished him off. The last plane started to retreat.

We all cheered and made are way back to the aircraft carrier when we landed it was the biggest celebration, I have ever seen ever one on the bout was out on the deck congaing everyone.

Lundar Game

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog today i will be  talking about our game against Lundar.

The first started it was back and forth between ends before Ryder scores the opening goal four mins into the game. there was a battle in front of the net and i was down and one of the lundar players sent a floater that went right over my head i bring my glove up it hits the top of my glove and bounces in. Then ryder scores anther goal there were no more goals that rest of the period.


The second period was pretty much the same tone of action but let in no goalsand Ryder scored his third goal in the last min of the period. At the vey start of the period Ryder scores his forth goal in the first 30 seconds and then lundar win the faceoff and one of there player skated aroud our defence and the had a breakaway he comes in goe to my glove side and shoots I drop and it barely swicked thourgh my armpit.

Are team ended up beating lundar 7-3 we beat the best team in the legue and we are in seconed last in the legue. by the way Ryder ended up scoreing 5 goals that game. thats the end of my blog hoped you enjoyed.

Warren Game

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog today io will be talking about last Sunday’s game against warren.

In the first period are team played really well. we Scored the first 2 goals. then there was a battle in the corner warren ended up winning the battle then threw the puck in front of the net slid my pad out to block the shot then the puck goes under my pad and the other team is digging at it and finally the whistle blow just before the puck goes in the goal should of never have counted, I wasn’t that happy about that one. One of the Warren players got kicked out for a hit from behind, and by the end of the first we were up 4-1.

The second period was very little action for me we ended up scoring one more goal. Closer to the end of the period they scored a lucky goal, and then are team choked we were just letting them walk in a shoot. Are team let them do it twice, and they went in I choked and let in 2 easy shots. Putting the score to 5-4.


In the third period we play the same we did in the second we finally got are heads in the game after they tied the game and getting two five-minute penalties at the same time causing us to have three people kicked out of the game from our team. Forgot to tell u a kid got kicked out in the seconded period for charging. We tied the game which really suck we should have won that game we were winning 5-1 at one point.



Dirt Bike Track Upgrade

Hello to day I will be talking about my dirt bike track after the remake I made some upgrades on it and added one more jump made some jumps bigger.

I started started with adding more dirt to my whoops due to them wearing down due to me driving on them a lot I just added a quarter bucket to each whoop because I made them two feet wider then I packed with the Quad I also made my two table tops a bit wider I just added four buckets to one side of the jump.

My double I pulled it back with the tractor bucket about three feet added to buckets to make it wider a taller I did the same thing with with the land jump but instead of making it taller I made it longer.


My single was just boring so I added two buckets to make it bigger and one bucket for the land pad. The big double was so time consuming it took like seven buckets to make the the jump pad and like ten buckets for the land pad then jumped it didn’t make it and the brought the jump pad closer like 5 feet.

That’s the end of my blog hope you enjoyed.


Dirt Bike Track Remake

Hello welcome back to my blog today I will be talking about the track remake because this summer I made a dirt bike track but it wasn’t wide enough and it needed more  jumps.

I first moved the dirt from the old jumps to the spot where I was making a table top, and if you don’t know what it is a jump with a flat top all the way to the land pad. I finished the table top with a little touch up with a shovel to make it even it was 15 ft. long and I did the same thing on the other side just facing a different way.

  my track

I started the double. A double is a jump with nothing in between the jump and the land pad. I put two buckets from the tractor for the jump and land pads then me and my brother shaped it better with shovels. We started the single just after a single is just a jump usually closer to the smaller side. Two tractor buckets and a little shaping up with the shovels.


The whoops took the shortest to do I would just put a half a bucket move back a little bit we made about 8 whoops. whoops are little bumps over and over again, and there the funniest thing on the track.

That’s the end of of my blog hope you enjoyed

My Dirt Bike Track

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog today I will be talking about how I made my Dirt bike track and I will go through all the steps how I made it, and how to run the track.

The first thing I did was plan it out on a piece of paper planed out where jumps and where I wanted the whoops. Than I took the lawn mower and cut the grass to make the trail, and turns. I ran the track about forty times that day. To make the jumps we got a tractor put down dirt down shaped and packed the jumps, we also made the land jump longer. our jumps are about two feet tall and like 4 feet long. Our seconded jump was a bit smaller due to there being a turn right after the jump.


You start in first gear and hit the first jump in 3rd gear. After the jump touch back break a bit and then shift down into 2nd gear for the next three turns then shift up into third to make the next jump. Shift down for the next two turns on little straight away shift up nd then second gear for the rest of the track.

That’s the end of my blog.