My Dirt Bike Track

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog today I will be talking about how I made my Dirt bike track and I will go through all the steps how I made it, and how to run the track.

The first thing I did was plan it out on a piece of paper planed out where jumps and where I wanted the whoops. Than I took the lawn mower and cut the grass to make the trail, and turns. I ran the track about forty times that day. To make the jumps we got a tractor put down dirt down shaped and packed the jumps, we also made the land jump longer. our jumps are about two feet tall and like 4 feet long. Our seconded jump was a bit smaller due to there being a turn right after the jump.


You start in first gear and hit the first jump in 3rd gear. After the jump touch back break a bit and then shift down into 2nd gear for the next three turns then shift up into third to make the next jump. Shift down for the next two turns on little straight away shift up nd then second gear for the rest of the track.

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Our Soccer Game

Hello everyone today I will be talking  about our soccer game against Winnipeg beach. and how we won 2-0.  third favorite sport, and by the way I am Defense.

The game starts with us losing the coin toss leaving Winnipeg beach to start with the ball. Though we got the ball very quickly we were in there end of the field for the whole start of the game but we just keep it in there end for the first little bit of the game. We had a good rush down the field Ernest first kicks the ball wide but one of the Winnipeg  beach players kicks it into the middle of the field anther one of our players kicks it back in but wide, and they kick it back in the middle, and then my brother kick it wide but there own player put it in there own net giving us the 1-0 lead.

I get pull off to get a little rest but it was half time 5 minutes later and I go on in the second half. We played 5 defense instead of 4 to hold our lead but as soon as we do that one of our own players kick it in the middle and the other team got it and scored then I started to play a little more forwards so we could get the lead again, and about 4 rushes later wee finally put it in to make it 2-1 us and we held our lead to the end to win the game.

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Dirt Biking Catwalks

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog today I will be giving you 5 tips on how to do dirt bike wheelies

Tip 1 You should scoot back on the seat as far can in till you hit the end of the seat and to get your front wheel off the ground you push down on the front wheel and when you pull up give a little throttle.

Tip 2 Anther way to do a wheelie is to stop the bike pull clutch in give throttle hold your feet on the ground so when you let go of the clutch since you have your feet on the ground it will force the dirt up.

Tip 3 When your going to far back on a wheelie just hit the back brake and your bike will come down.

Tip 4 Find your balance point find the sport where it is easiest to stay up

Tip 5 To do a wheelie it depends on power of your bike you may need to use your weigh to get it in the air.


That’s the end of my blog hope you enjoy the 5 tips on how to do a wheelie.

Why my parents should put me in football

Welcome back to my bog today I will be talking about why my parents should put me in football. You want to know why my parents should put me in football because its a fun sport to play its, and I really like to play the sport good for your health, its a good exercise, it one of the most popular in the world and I will get to play with my cousin.

Football is 9th for most popular sport in the world and 1st in the United States of America, and over 39o- 400 million people watch football. Football is also my favorite sport, and I always play with my brothers and cousins, and since my cousin also play football he will be on my team. I have been asking my mom to put  me in football for two years. If you say it will cost a lot of money it doesn’t  as much as the other sports I have played.

Football is good for you because it improves mental health reduces body fat, improves coordination, improves muscles strength, and increase bone strength as well. Some people might say it is super easy to get hurt but it isn’t it is as easy to get injured as in every other contact sport.


My mom should put me in football because its good for you it is a very fun sport to play and I will be playing with my cousin.

Why Warriors Goalie sticks are better than CCM

You want to know why Warriors goalie sticks are better than CCM, and why Warrior make the best goalie sticks. this is because CCM doesn’t come top five for the best goalie stick, Warrior have lot of the requirements needed, and some cool facts about warrior.

Some requirements for a goalie stick are weight, price, durability, shooting ability,  shock absorption, and puck handling. If you don’t have all a those on your stick you will look like a certified duster.


You know that CCM didn’t even make the top five for best stick not just that according to CBC news the EGB toke CCM to court for stealing deigns for goalie Equipment. When I got my warrior stick it already came with a grip so I didn’t have to waste my tape on that part of the stick, and when i had my CCM stick it had no grip to come with.


Facts about warriors sticks. The Cr1 came with four different curves the Quick, Bishop, Marzek, and Rask. Warrior hold the top two places for best goalie stick and even holds the best customizable stick.

Warrior are the best sticks because they have the best rating for requrminets they hold the top two places for best goalie stick. CCM because the have bad ratings for sticks. if you dont want to look like a duster go warrior.

Why it sucks when Hockey Season ends

Don’t you hate it when your hockey seasons ends it just sucks leaving the ice behind. I could say it a million times it sucks it sucks it sucks epically when that year you had a good team.

This year our team made it to  B provincial and came 5th, won the banner, and had a won ever game in the season except for two games, and with a lot of friends on my team it was the best season we ever had, and now we are leaving it behind it really sucked.

Although we have other fun sports starting up but there not as good hockey with it being on the ice it just makes it a lot fun and there being a very funny moments it make hockey a whole lot better., and with are team winning almost ever game that makes it even more fun. The good thing about being a goalie is that we take turns in net and you can talk to the players.

You know I said it so many times it just sucks with the fun we have winning and the funny moments all leaving, and now I have to wait like a whole instill hockey starts the end.

10 Hockey Goalie Tips

Tip 1:  Avoid crouching low and spreading legs to far or you will lose ability to push and get in front of the puck.

Tip 2: When you do toe pushes lean your body a bit to the way you are pushing so you don’t leave any space open for a shot to go in.

Tip 3: When you do a toe push instead of doing one do two fast ones and you will get to the other side of the net faster.

Tip 4: For stopping screens/tips move as close as you can to the shot so when tipped it won’t have many spots to go in.

Tip 5:  Stay up on feet as long as you can because its really hard to stop a puck when your in your butterfly because you leave more net open.

Tip 6: Eyes always follow the puck so when you catch it you can see it in your glove.

Tip 7: A faster way to get up is to lean back and bring both legs up at the same time.

Tip 8: When sliding across aways close five hole.


Tip 9: Stand shoulders width apart or if your to wide its hard to get back up.

Tip 10: Hold your glove and blocker in front of you to make you look bigger, and its a lot easyer to catch the puck.

Gimli Game

Hello everyone to day I will be talking about the game against Gimli.

the first period we had the first goal put around two minutes later they shoot the puck on net it bounces off my blocker in front of the net and I was on the other side and I couldn’t get there  in time and they tied up the game. There was about 5 minutes left of the Gimli game when one of them hit us from behind making them get kicked out of the game.

In the second period was very boring for 3 got like shots on net and by the end of the period. by the end of the period we were up 3-1.           Ernest’s blog

The third period was just the same very boring for a goalie but for the other goalie he was getting peppered.  There was a battle in front of our net and the other team came out with it and they had a shot on net and it snuck right over my shoulder on that one I should of never have dropped. We ended with a 7-2 victory. That’s the end of my blog hope you enjoyed.

Teulon game

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog today I will be talking about my hockey game against Teulon.

Since the goalie for the U15 goalie got suspended so the U15 team didn’t have a goalie so the pulled me up for a game against Teulon the first period there wasn’t many shots on net. it took a while for me to settle into the game because I was a bit nervous. we were up 2-0 about 8 minutes into the game. Closer to the end of the period there was a two on one and they did a cross ice pass to make the score 2-1.

The second no goals were scored but our team had so many chances in front of the net and the goalie wasn’t there our team just couldn’t put it in the net.

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In the third period there were no goals in till the last three minutes when they scored a shot from the blue line to tie up the game. We tied the game and we did pretty good for only having 10 players counting me. That’s the end of my blog.

Going Skiing

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog today  will be talking about when I went cross country skiing with my friend at camp Morton ski trail.

As we start the trail I was really looking forward for the the hill that is half way through and the one at the end we started out on the trail and there was a there was a very tiny hill and since Luke was not used to skiing he fell down. from there me and Luke just talked and he fell a couple more times.

when we finally made it to the hill but the last time I was there the hill looked bigger I went down the Luke and then Luke’s mom went when. I can’t believe Luke fell on the small and not the big then we reached the hill at the end me and Luke went up and down three times.

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